Camo is the leading self-custodial and multi-chain privacy wallet. The safe and confidential way to access blockchain applications and Web3.

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Key Features

Manage and Send Tokens Privately

Unlike traditional wallets including MetaMask that exposes users account balance and transaction histories, Camo Wallet allows users to manage, store, send, pay, deposit and withdraw digital assets with full financial privacy. Through Camo Wallet, users’ assets and transactions cannot be seen by others while still ensuring safety and correctness on multiple blockchains.

Use Blockchain Apps Privately

Camo Wallet provides the fastest, cheapest and most secure way to use blockchain apps leveraging zero knowledge (ZK) technology based on the Mystiko SDK.

Own Your Data and Identity Privately

Camo Wallet helps blockchain users to keep their onchain personal data and identity private, protecting users personal safety in all directions.

Supported Blockchains and Assets

Camo Wallet vs Other Wallets

Camo WalletMetamask WalletZcash WalletMonero Wallet
Public Address
Public Transaction
Shielded Address
Shielded Transaction
Supported CryptocurrenciesAll Ethereum-based Tokens & Tokens issued on other blockchains to be supported in the future(BNB, Avalanche, Fantom, Polygon)Ethereum-based TokensZcash OnlyMonero Only

Camo Wallet

Your New Safer and More Private Wallet to Navigate the Blockchain World

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